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Sunday, March 7, 2004

I learned something about myself today. It wasn't an earth-shattering revelation, or even anything I didn't already know, really. It's just that I keep forgetting my own priorities, and my actions sometimes remind me what they are.

When I got back from studying with Suzanne and picking up a few things at the grocery store, it was about four o'clock. I had options. There were several things I could have done, and a few things I should have done. But it was the warmest day of the year, and I didn't want to be inside if I didn't have to be.

On the other hand, I didn't want to be working either. It would have been a good day and a good time to pull a few weeds, but that's not how I spent the next hour. I grabbed the two lawn chairs that I keep in the living room and hauled them out the front door and into the garden. That's where I sat and read until the shadows started creeping over the pages.

Until I got my new glasses Friday, I hadn't been doing much reading. Now I feel I owe it to myself to make up for lost time. Even though I should be finishing the Big Project, I decided to make time to read. After I came inside around five, I read for another half hour in the recliner.

I'd like to find time every day to do some reading. It might not be an hour and a half, especially on a Monday, but any time would be fine with me at this point.

4 March 2004

Fence line.

Tomorrow I'll probably regret what I didn't do today. But I won't regret what I did do.

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When I was putting together Rachael's Yellow Mustard Potato Salad tonight, I got a little nervous, because it didn't look like any potato salad I'd ever seen. It didn't even look like what Rachael made on the show that I watched just yesterday. So I was pleased and a little surprised that it turned out to be so good. A year ago I couldn't possibly have imagined that I'd spend thirty minutes on a Sunday evening making potato salad. Now I can't imagine going back to the pre-packaged, overly processed kinds of foods I was eating then. That's the new priority around here.

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