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Friday, March 12, 2004

It's not perfect. But it's bigger than their old place, with three bedrooms instead of two, and three bathrooms! It's in a better neighborhood, with less traffic and more families, near a school and a store and a pizza parlor. It's not perfect, but it has an immense enclosed back yard for the kids to play in, and a two-car garage and a driveway big enough to park six or seven vehicles. And a fireplace.

The cable didn't get hooked up today as promised. One of the toilets leaks, and another won't stop running. There isn't quite as much cabinet space and counter space in the kitchen as I would have wanted. And did I mention no cable yet? So it's not perfect, but it's a perfectly fine place for a growing family to live. And it has ceiling fans in all three upstairs bedrooms.

They had a lot of help moving tonight. They didn't even get into the place until 5 pm, and I was there until after 9:30 pm (observing, mostly, and helping when I could). The boys' room and the master bedroom were nearly ready for their occupants by then, and the furniture looked just fine in their living room. It was a busy, busy night, with lots of activity, but a lot got done in a fairly short time. So now it's home.

Tammy had me help line the pantry shelves, but we ran out of shelf paper after three shelves. I put away some of the things in the pantry, but of course she redid everything almost as soon as I was finished. I knew that would happen, but at least I got some of that stuff out of the boxes for her.

I tried to anticipate when she might be tempted to lift a heavy box, so I could get to it before she did. I couldn't help much with the big items, but there were plenty of younger and stronger folks for that part of the mission. I found a niche of my own.

It will be a while before Aiden's room is in a livable condition. There's still a lot to do in there, but it's probably okay. Aiden won't be born until June. By the time he's ready for a room, his room will be ready for him.

I'm really pleased that Tammy and David found such an almost perfect place. I hope they'll be happy there for a long time, at least until they're in a position to move into someplace better. It's okay with me if that's far off in the distant future, because I like having them so close.

8 March 2004

Cloud spiral.

Tammy dropped D.J. by here for an hour or so this morning while she ran some important pre-moving errands. He was fascinated by the lizards darting around in my garden, less so by the red-shouldered hawk soaring majestically overhead. He hadn't spent much time at my house before, so there was a lot for him to explore. I hope he'll come back again, because I enjoy his company.

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I left my camera at the new house, but it's okay because I didn't take any pictures today anyway. By the time I got there the shadows weren't quite right for a decent shot. Some time when I'm there in the middle of the day, I'll do a photo layout of the place. For now, I just hope I remember to get the camera back in time for the big birthday bash tomorrow.

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