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Sunday, March 13, 2005

I think today I blew every argument I made yesterday out of the water. The sun came out, and yet I still had the blues. I slept late, but I needed an hourís nap in the middle of the afternoon (and in the middle of the race). And after conserving my energy all day yesterday, all I did today was sit around and do even less.

Still, Iím working on those things I talked about last week. I did a little exercising of my wretched, lumpy body this morning, and Iíve been very careful about what Iíve been eating for all of two whole days. Obviously, I canít see much effect yet, except in the fact that Iím starting to feel better about my own attitude.

So why am I still a little down? I think itís some kind of post-something something-or-other. Thereís still so much uncertainty, and I always have a hard time dealing with that. I have personal income taxes to try to work out, and I have to find out how to get my driverís license renewed before my birthday, even though the state DMV seems to have forgotten about me.

15 March 2005

One oak tree, viewed from beneath another oak.

Mostly, itís the same old thing. Work. Iím facing situations on two fronts — how well I did on the Big Project, and how well Iím going to do on day-to-day bill-paying until the next big check comes in. In other words, itís still the same old story, and Iím looking forward so much to having the problems solved that I lose sight of the fact that maybe I can solve them myself, if I work at it. Iíd have to be in a better frame of mind to do that, though.

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It was a great race today, though — the part I didnít sleep through. Iíd like to know what Jeff Gordon and Ryan Newman were thinking, though, in those last ten laps when they were racing each other side-by-side for second place while Jimmie Johnson was speeding away from them to victory. In the end, neither one of them had enough left to finish second.

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