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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The hard drive on my computer now contains a copy of the California Drivers Handbook. The 2005 version, of course. I will be studying the rules of the road intensely for the rest of this month, not because I could possibly be a better driver than I already am, but because the DMV requires a written test to renew your driverís license, if youíve already renewed by mail without a test for two consecutive five-year periods.

Thatís all fine, and I donít mind obeying the law (or taking the test), but Iíve grown a little more concerned with each day that passes without a notice from the DMV to renew my license. Youíre supposed to get it two months before your birthday. Here I am with less than a month to go, and Iíve had to take matters into my own hands. You know how much I hate doing that.

So I checked the DMV web site and found that I could make an appointment online. Unfortunately, the first appointment they had available was April 1, just a week before my birthday. Thatís bad news because it puts the pressure on me to pass the test on the first try.

You can miss up to three questions on the test and still pass, and you get three chances to pass it. Iíd better pass it on the first try, though. Otherwise Iíd have to stand in line at the DMV without an appointment to take it again. That could be an all-day process, and I donít have any days to spare. I barely have hours to spare.

15 March 2005

My house, seen from under the Old Oak in late winter.

I also have to pass the vision test, and thatís a bit of a concern as well. Thereís no redo on that one; either you can see or you canít. I hope Iím having a good eye day on April 1, as well as a good hair day. Theyíre going to want a new picture, too. (And Iím probably going to have to change the ďHair ColorĒ designation on my license from ďBrownĒ to, well, something else.)

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Iíve been studying already, and Iím up to page 38, ďIllegal U-Turns.Ē Apparently you canít make a U-turn on a one-way street, or ďwhere other vehicles might hit you.Ē

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