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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Itís been a week since Iíve seen my nephews (any of them). But at least I got to chat with one of them on the phone today. The youngest one. The one whoís nine and a half months old.

Aiden loves to talk on the phone. He might even know what heís saying, but nobody else does. Iíve been told he says a couple of real English words (ďbathĒ and ďMamaw,Ē for Grandma), but Iíve never heard him. That doesnít mean he doesnít communicate, though.

He has a wide variety of sounds that he likes to make. He growls and gurgles and squeaks and squawks. Put into sequence, his baby noises are very expressive. They sound like sentences, which Iím sure, to him, they are. You can tell by the look on his face that heís thinking seriously about what heís saying. That even comes across on the phone.

Heís aware of the rhythms of conversation, too. He talks, and then he waits for you to talk. Mostly he wants you to say his name, I think.

19 March 2005

A little blue in a gray sky.

When I was talking to Tammy this morning, Aiden got very aggressive, trying to get the phone away from her. I could hear him lecturing her, and at one point he hit a button and put me on hold. Could we have a budding telemarketer or taxi dispatcher in the family?

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My car is smarter than I am. Whenever I use the windshield wipers, the headlights come on. That always seemed like a good idea to me, but until I read it in the driverís handbook, I didnít know it was the law. And now that I do know it, I can be sure it wonít be on the written test.

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