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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Whatís it called when each day is worse than the one before? Hell? Life? High school?

Today I hit a new kind of low, physically anyway. I think itís allergies, what with the wind whipping and all sorts of things growing madly, as if spring were already here. If itís this bad now, how much worse will it get once the real spring arrives? I woke up with a headache that was both dull and sharp at the same time, as if someone had stuffed my head with cheese and was rooting around in there with a fondue fork.

And my stomach felt queasy. If I were a drinker, the word ďhangoverĒ might come to mind, but I lean toward the theory that it was the organic frozen pizza I had last night, instead of real food. I thought if it was organic, maybe it would be better, but I guess they have to put something in it to make it taste like pizza. And organic or not, I was still tasting it hours later, only it wasnít nearly as pizza-like by then.

But thatís only the physical part, and I mostly blame the time change. Itís kind of too bad the time only changes twice a year, because I could use more excuses to feel lousy, but what are you going to do? Itís the law.

And anyway, mentally and emotionally Iím doing better today than I was earlier in the week, and better tonight than I was all day. Maybe itís the hour nap I took at noon, or the hearty meal of leftover soup I had tonight. (Iím telling you, that stuff gets better every day. Maybe I should save the rest of it for another week or so. It ought to taste like heavenly ambrosia by then.)

22 February 2008

Hammerhead cloud.

So hereís what I think. I think that even though it seems, as I work my way through the day, that each today is worse than every yesterday, Iím counting on that not being true, because weíre getting further and further from the source of all this melancholy and malaise. Sooner or later it wonít seem as if the time had changed at all. That might be just about the time weíre ready to set the clocks back in November, but Iím hopeful it wonít take that long. In spite of my moodiness, Iím always kind of hopeful, hard as it is to show it.

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