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Friday, May 26, 2000

All day long I've been trying to sit at the computer long enough to write something, but the pain in my back and my chest and my throat won't let me. That's why this is so short tonight. There's no reason to go on and on about the only thing that's been going on in my life today, and I can't think clearly enough to venture out into the larger world for a topic.

Apparently when I moved the concrete base of the basketball hoop yesterday, I pulled or strained something. And it's something that isn't going away quickly. Almost any position I try has some pain associated with it. I wasn't able to sleep last night because I never could find a comfort zone. I couldn't even get any work done today.

Believe it or not, this morning started out on a hopeful note. I got up in much less discomfort than I had last night, but the more I tried to do, the harder it got to keep going. By late tonight, the act of breathing was costing me almost more than it was worth. I'm hoping for a restfully drug-aided night and a fresh start tomorrow. This could be a very long holiday weekend if I don't get some relief.

I'm sure that's enough about that for everyone, including myself. I'm not worried about anything for the long haul, but I'm closing up shop a little early tonight, hoping for better days. I don't know if I can lie in bed and sleep tonight. But I know I can't sit here and type any longer.

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