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Tuesday, May 7, 2002

One day I do nothing, and the next day I stay intensely busy all day. Oddly (not really), both circumstances generate just about the same amount of creative energy. I hardly looked up all day, so if anything happened I missed it.

However, I did get out to run some errands. I was going to do that anyway, but as I was leaving I got a fax from the Boss with a list of supplies he needed. It's apparently easier for me to buy pens and paper and ship them to Nevada than it is for him to go up the street and get them himself. Easier for him, anyway. At least I had an excuse to stay away longer this morning. Not that I needed one, of course.

Since I don't get out all that often, I made it count. I bought two of everything I thought I might need before the next trip to Office Depository. Two reams of copy paper, two printer cartridges, two boxes of envelopes. Two paper clips. Two rubber bands. Two staples. Like that.

When I got back, I spent the afternoon doing payroll. Finally I managed to get Tim to fax me time cards on a Monday night so I could write checks on Tuesday and mail them on Wednesday. I've only been asking for this for about ten years. I have to mail the checks on Wednesday, whether I get any cooperation or not. Next week it'll be back to normal. I'll get the time cards Wednesday morning. I'll stomp and storm around, I'll feel sorry for myself, and I'll do a full day's work in about two hours because I have no choice.

It's probably just as well that my yard waste container is already full, because the baseball game started at 4:00 this afternoon. That doesn't sound like a sane statement, but you see, it's like this. At 4:00 is when I can usually break away from work and pull some weeds. When there's an early game, I'm probably going to watch it. If the can isn't full, I might feel guilty for not taking care of my yard.

Okay, maybe "sane" isn't exactly the right word, but it works for me. The container is full, so I can watch the early game without thinking I should be doing something else. It's always good to be able to justify doing whatever it was you were going to do in the first place. It comes naturally to me.


I think the wisteria is behind schedule. This is the first flowering I've seen this year.

I had a lot more energy today (obviously) than I did yesterday. But I ran out of gas early. After the game I watched the season finale of The Osbournes and laughed myself silly. Then I couldn't get off the couch. Suddenly I felt as if I'd been hit across the forehead with a phone book. I had a really good day, but it didn't seem to be ending well. Lucky for me there was so much left of it, because I still had time to recover. I think I'm going to make it to tomorrow, then we'll see.

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