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Wednesday, May 22, 2002

I managed to avoid people with pretty good success today. Even though I made two trips to the post office (payroll day, same old story), I didn't make eye contact with anyone. I believe I did cuss out a truck driver who took up four of the last five parking spaces on the street, before I jammed my little Honda into the other one.

Did you wonder why I live alone?

Yeah, I was in a bad mood most of the day from not sleeping well last night. I was still steamed from watching the baseball game, during which my team was the victim of some egregious calls by the umpires, and then I watched the season finale of 24. (Thank ya, TiVo!) I'm still not quite over the way that show ended. It was such a shock that now I can't be surprised by anything that happens on 24 next season.

So I had all that on my mind when I was trying to fall asleep, and that's when all the yard work I did yesterday afternoon caught up with me. Just when I thought I was over my cold, the stuffy nose and scratchy throat were back. I made the mistake of trying to quit the nightly Nyquil habit cold turkey, and by the time I realized I needed it, it was too late. If I'd taken it then, I wouldn't have been able to wake up until noon today. So I squirmed around for hours trying to get comfortable enough to sleep, but it just wasn't happening.

Not wanting to inflict either my foul mood or my questionable health on anyone, I ducked in and out of the post office without glaring (or breathing) in anyone's direction. But by this afternoon I was feeling well enough to do a little cleanup work in the garden, so maybe I'm on the mend again. I won't take it for granted, though.


Bird on the feeder.

My postal carrier has no illusion that I'm any kind of intellectual. What did he bring me today? Baseball Weekly and two copies of TV Guide (one for the cable and one for the satellite), plus two DVDs from Netflix. Now, the mailman has no way of knowing that the two movies I got were Mallrats and Blade Runner, so if he thinks about it at all he might assume I got Major League and Wayne's World. Or maybe Sorority House Vampires; how should I know what he's thinking?

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