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Monday, May 31, 2004

Kind of a downer day here on the homestead, sorry. Mom's cat is missing and not smart enough to find his way home. He's hanging around the neighborhood, but spending most of his time at the wrong house. No one can get close enough to him to bring him home to her, so now there's a humane trap in the area where he's most often seen.

Allergies are just about knocking me flat right now. Breathing is a chore, and I've been sneezing so hard I think it's knocked my eyeballs loose. There this gauzy feeling in my head that keeps me from enjoying the little things like a Monday holiday. I'm very hopeful that tomorrow, even though it's the first official day of the work week, will be better.

This might have been a holiday, but I got some work done, and it was work that's hard to do while the phone is ringing all day. The Boss did call this morning, once, to ask me how to spell a word. He pretended to be surprised that I answered the phone with the company name instead of "hello." I think I did it out of habit, but if it gained me any bonus points I'm glad I did.

David and D.J. came by for a visit this afternoon. David used the computer, and D.J. just wanted to see a lizard. There are so many of them most of the time, but for some reason they all go into hiding whenever he's looking for them. Maybe it has something to do with the pitch of his voice. We did spot one lizard hanging out in the shade of a bush at the corner of the garden, so D.J. was satisfied.

He was also interested in the bird nest on my back porch. The mother finch was sitting there chattering at nothing in particular, so we think maybe she's either ready to lay eggs or already incubating them. She rarely leaves the nest any more. The father is usually around, except when the sparrows chase him away from the bird feeder. They think they own the place, and I'm not inclined to intervene. I'll just let them work it out among themselves.

30 May 2004

The new houseboat from another angle.

Late today came the sad news that Denver doug's son has passed away. Doug is a friend to many of us, and we share the sorrow felt by him and Heather. Their grief can't be lessened, but maybe the warm feelings from all around the world will help a little.

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In the two times the Diamondbacks pitched to Barry Bonds tonight, he hit one home run and one weak grounder. Out of the three times they walked him, he scored one run. Six walks and three errors by the D-Backs contributed greatly to the Giants' 8-4 win, their tenth straight, in the first game of the long road trip. Michael Tucker, who hit a ball into the Bay yesterday, had another long homer tonight among his four hits. Hits up and down the lineup are what the team wasn't getting earlier in the season when they were losing. It's all different now.

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One year ago: Better Angels
"The world might perceive us one way or the other, but those who know us best can see past the surface to the complexities beneath. They can even distinguish between our behavior and our essential nature, the part of us that takes away the sting of a bad moment or gives greater meaning to a good one."

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