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Monday, May 30, 2005

If it werenít for the smell, I might never do any cleaning at all. Whatever was fouling the air (what there is of it) in my refrigerator is now gone. I donít know what it was, but itís gone. I need to organize my kitchen routine a little better, so that I donít have to throw out perfectly good produce.

Or rather, it would have been perfectly good, if I hadnít forgotten about it for so long. I was going to make meatless tacos, but when I reached for the green bell pepper, my fingers went all the way through it. I donít know a lot about vegetables, but Iím pretty sure bell peppers are supposed to be firm enough so that you can pick them up without squishing them in your hand.

Thatís what got me started, and before I knew it Iíd thrown out all the old cheese and salad dressing and deli meat, and some old, old tomatoes that had been neglected a little too long. It was my only time out of the house all day, the eighteen steps from my front door to the garbage can in the garage. And eighteen back. Thereís your holiday outing for this month.

No, I didnít even do any yard work today, but I think I have an excuse. Actually, I know I have an excuse; I just donít know if itís valid. I spent most of last night, when I should have been sleeping, gasping for breath. I blame the time I spent working outside yesterday, but I suppose I could just as easily blame the fact that the yard still needs so much work. The grasses are still high in the places I havenít mowed, and the spring wind has been whipping them around.

Whatever the reason, I couldnít breathe last night and wasnít tempted to wade through the weeds again today. Maybe tomorrow, maybe not.

25 May 2005

D.J. and his new friends at the softball game last week.

Obviously, I need either a gardener or a housekeeper. I feel that I should be able to take care of things myself, but I donít seem to do it. Either Iím too lazy or too decrepit to take on the necessary tasks. I tend to go with the former, but only because Iíve known myself for so long.

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The Giants had the day off today (on Memorial Day? Whatís that all about?), but the Dodgers lost, which is almost as good as a win. The Giants are mired in fourth place, but there are more than a hundred games left in the season. Every team in the division has had its hot streaks (and cold spells). As inconsistent as the Giants have been, I trust their management to find players who will do the job down the stretch. They always do, and you donít write off in May a team with that kind of track record in September.

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