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Monday, May 1, 2006

I think I have a handle on this arthritis pain, or whatever it is. Iíve figured out which pain relievers help and which donít, and Iíve managed to find a way to wear the brace that minimizes the discomfort. Itís still awkward, and working at the computer for long hours isnít possible, but Iím doing the best I can to be as flexible and as pain-free as I can be right now.

For a while today I wore the brace on my right wrist instead of the left. Now, this time it wasnít because I forgot which end was up, the way I did yesterday. This time I had the same kind of pain as on the other side, except that the pain on the right started at the base of my thumb and traveled all the way up to my elbow. The brace really helped, too, but I needed it more on the left, because every time I tried to close that hand or lift anything, the pain localized in my thumb would feel like a burst of fire.

So tonight the brace is back where it belongs, on my left wrist, and Iím getting better at typing with it on. The pain on the right side has subsided enough that I donít expect it to be a problem. Iíd be a lot more optimistic about the whole thing if, every time I took the brace of the left wrist, my thumb didnít explode like that. I just sort of wonder how Iím going to get through the night, and what tomorrow will bring.

13 April 2006

Cloud binding.

Iím trying hard to keep a positive attitude, and I havenít told the Boss about my latest setback. I donít think he ever knew about the cold it took me ten days to get rid of. Heís aware of my allergies, but I donít think he thinks itís much of a big deal. I try to get through the day doing as much as I have to, and beyond that as much as I can. Itís just that Iíve been reaching that point a little too soon these days.

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Giants starter Jamey Wright began the top of the fourth by hitting Brian Giles with a pitch, as payback for Jake Peavy drilling Barry Bonds in the bottom of the third. By the time the fourth was over, the Padres had scored seven runs on four hits, two walks and an error, and Wright, who had pitched so well for three innings and came into the fourth with a 2-0, was on his way to his second loss. The 10-4 Padre win was Peavyís second of the season, his first since beating the Giants on opening day.

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