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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Last week was pretty darned unpleasant, and Iím not even the guy sitting in the hospital with a broken leg. I imagine if I had to deal with physical pain on top of all the mental and emotional turmoil, Iíd have been in even worse shape. Itís no fun being in the middle of a bunch of people who wonít talk to each other in a civil manner. So I havenít been having much fun lately.

It would help if they would communicate with me, at least, so that I can pass on messages and information to people who need to know whatís happening with the people who arenít talking to them. It was a total communications blackout for a couple of days, and then all of a sudden Thursday morning, everybody wanted to talk to me at the same time. I asked Julie to ask the Boss what I should tell Tim, who was ringing in on the other line.

At one point I got so frustrated that I yelled at both of them and clicked off. Thatís the modern equivalent of slamming the receiver in someoneís ear, but it doesnít have quite the same impact. Thank goodness.

I think I might have been a little short with people who werenít involved in all this drama. Itís a wonder family and friends will even talk to me, after the way Iíve been for the last few days.

Finally yesterday (yes, Saturday) at about 5:00 pm, I got a chance to have a long conversation with Julie, away from the commotion at the hospital. Itís not the time I would have chosen, but at least I got some things off my mind, and we seem to have a plan for the week coming up. I donít expect the Boss to get out of the hospital until he has one more operation (heís had two already). After that, things could get really sticky.

6 May 2007

Baseball field.

Today I took a break from it all and drove out to exotic Forestville to watch Ericís baseball team play. It was hot and windy and I only lasted for a few innings, but that was long enough for me to see him get an RBI single and turn a double play at second base. And as soon as I got home a draft of a letter came over the fax. It couldnít wait until Monday for me to type it, of course. Something tells me the week ahead is going to be another thrill ride.

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