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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Even though today was a glorious festive occasion (Motherís Day, that is), and I was feeling much better than I did yesterday, I had learned my lesson. John provided a huge feast, but I ate in moderation. The fact that the grilled ahi and chicken isnít exactly on my vegan diet helped. I did have him throw a tempeh steak on the grill, but I canít say it compared with what the rest of the family was eating. I enjoyed the fruits and vegetables, though, and that was enough, especially after the miserable day I had yesterday.

Anyway, it wasnít about food today. It was about Mom, and celebrating her sixty years as a mother, and Suzanne, who has been a mother for over half as long. It was also about the youngest members of the family. Aiden and Kylie made it a holiday even for those of us who are not mothers.

When I got there, they wanted to play tag with me out in the yard. I gave it my best effort, but I couldnít last very long. Aiden explained it to me: ďDo you know why smaller people can run faster? Itís because they donít weigh as much as big people.Ē I have to admit, he pretty much nailed it. Earlier he had told Mom the reason he beat her at arm wrestling: ďItís because Iím younger.Ē He likes playing that card, and it usually works to his advantage.

Kylie was perfectly happy playing along. She liked the running part of playing tag, and she enjoyed being chased. Being tagged didnít do much for her, because it would have meant she should stop running, so whenever she was tagged, she just ignored it. Itís not that she doesnít like physical contact, though, because when the game deteriorated into wrestling around on the grass, she was really into that.

The two of them played together well, too. Aiden was very careful not to do anything that could hurt his little sister. I donít know if he always does it that well (Iíd guess probably not), but he was on good behavior today.

When we were turning over rocks and looking for bugs, Aiden wanted me to move one of Suzanneís big planters so he could look under it. I said I thought it was too heavy, so he suggested, ďDo you think a four-year-old and an adult could move it?Ē How could I say no to that? And there was a nice beetle underneath, so it was totally worth it.

10 May 2009

Once Kat and Eric got there, my services were no longer required.

I think Iím ready to admit that four meals a day are too many. Iím not sure how Iím going to resolve this with the diet from the book, though. I know that by following that menu plan, Iíd be getting all the nutrients I need to stay healthy. When I started the diet, I was all gung ho on making sure I did things exactly right. I did a pretty good job of that, but I donít think I need to be quite as faithful to the book. In fact, after eating less today, I feel better already.

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Giants 7, Dodgers 5, 13 innings. For twelve innings it looks as if there was no way the Giants could win this one. The Dodgers didnít have Manny, but they had Juan Pierre, who had three hits yesterday and three more today, and scored three runs. It seemed every time the Giants were getting back in the game, there was Pierre to break their hearts. They even took a lead in the twelfth, only to have a Casey Blake home run send the game to the thirteenth. Thatís when the Giants loaded the bases without hitting the ball out of the infield, and Randy Winn came through with the two-run single that won it, and won the series, and gave the Giants a winning road trip.

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