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Monday, May 21, 2012

Good news! I was able to remove the band-aid from my thumb today without feeling the pain that disabled me during the wedding yesterday. It was crushing not to be able to help Kylie reattach the corsage that kept falling off her dress. And, you know, other things. I couldn't open Mom's water bottle, either.

In further news, I think I'll be more or less back to normal in a couple of days. Don't get me wrong, I had nothing to do with planning or executing the wedding, so I have no excuse to be sore and weary. But it was out of my routine, and we all know how dependent I am on routine. Today was a fairly typically routine Monday, for whatever that's worth.

Many people were surprised to see that Eric had cut his hair before the wedding (actually months ago). It was one of the topics that was talked about not only around the tables but in the speeches. But everyone was surprised even more by the fact that he and Kat had a fully choreographed routine for their first dance together, and it was fantastic! The variety of music and dance styles that they rocked through, one after another, was one of the biggest deals in a big deal wedding. (Watch it here.)

Although I could spend a lot of time apologizing for my photography, let me just explain that (a) I'm not very good, and (2) I had other obligations, so I had to shoot whenever the random opportunity became available. I also have a bad habit of taking videos with my phone when I'm trying to take still shots. I don't know how the setting gets changed, but I do know how to change it back. It's just that I often fail to notice in time. (Oh, and when I do take videos on purpose, the sound quality tends to be poor. I have a lot to learn.)

You wanted to see the dress, right? Below is the best shot I got of it.

20 May 2012

Bride and groom.

And if you click on the photo, it will take you to the set on Flickr that includes the best of my wedding assortment, plus (short, I promise) videos of Aiden and Alex as ring bearers, and David giving the best man's toast. If you select the Slideshow option, the videos will play automatically at the end.

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