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November 2000

November 1 Money, Drugs and the Kitchen Sink
November 2 Casting an Affirmative Vote
November 3 A Somewhat Lighter Fare
November 4 Hardly Worth the Effort
November 5 That's the Way It Grows
November 6 Margin of Error
November 7 Do We Have Enough Lifeboats?
November 8 Close the Exit Polls
November 9 Come Gather 'Round, People
November 10 Time Check
November 11 Pull the Little Handle
November 12 Frosted Flake
November 13 Maybe I just need a cookie.
November 14 Running on Half a Tank
November 15 Birds of Prey
November 16 Waking Up Is Hard to Do
November 17 We All Want to Change the World
November 18 Garden Variety
November 19 Civilization
November 20 Button Up Your Overcoat
November 21 Huge orbs, bores hug, shrub ego
November 22 Come Together
November 23 Thanksgiving Day
November 24 A Day on the Lake
November 25 Creating Warmth
November 26 Homeward Bound
November 27 Stranded
November 28 Shaking the Blues Away
November 29 Troubles Melt Like Lemon Drops
November 30 Experiment


All original material copyright 1999, 2000 by Michael.