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Thursday, November 22, 2001

We were told to expect four days of rainy, windy, stormy weather, so when I left my house at 5:30 this morning and it was crisp and clear, I took that as a good sign. The four of us — John, Suzanne, Mom and I — left Santa Rosa at 6:00. David had gone ahead yesterday to a party last night in Redding, and Eric was meeting us halfway up I-5.

It was a smooth, pleasant ride, with surprisingly little traffic for a holiday morning. Maybe it was the hour, or last night's storms. For whatever reason, we had miles of freeway almost to ourselves. We met up with Eric at a rest stop, and I rode the rest of the way to Shasta Lake with him in his truck. By 10:00, we were all here, and ready to settle in for the weekend.

Almost. We had bags and bags of tortilla chips, but no fresh drinking water, so David and I made a run into town for bottled water. Then we were finally ready to pull (and push) the houseboat away from the marina dock.

There were clouds, but they looked non-threatening. Still, the water in the lake was choppy and the wind was brisk, so we took our time looking for a protected cove to tie up in. At first it looked as if we'd made a horrible mistake. For a while we were whipped back and forth by the swirling winds, but by mid afternoon it had calmed almost completely.

Then we started drinking wine. I can't tell you much about the rest of the evening, but I'm pretty sure the dinner conversation sparkled. I believe I was particularly brilliant. At least, since everyone was laughing at me, I think I must have made witty comments on the human condition.

Or maybe I just made a few gross-out jokes.

staking out

Eric and David driving stakes to tie up the houseboat.

After the table was cleared, we played dominoes (David and I beat John and Eric twice) until people started hauling out their sleeping bags. David found a book of scary stories and read us the lamest one I've ever heard, but at least it was bad enough to make us all sleepy. The one Eric read finished us off.

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