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Sunday, November 25, 2001

It started last night, after I went to bed. I haven't felt great for a while, but I really thought I'd turned the corner. I was getting ready to charge into the new week with enough energy to knock down all the obstacles I've been tripping over.

But after I crawled into my sleeping bag last night, I couldn't focus on the book I was trying to read. I decided I'd try to sleep, since that's been such a comfort over the last three days. It didn't work this time. I was achy all over. Every bone and muscle I could feel at all seemed to be attacking me. On top of that, my head was spinning and my stomach was cramping up.

That's how it was all night. If I ever did fall asleep, the aches and pains would wake me. I was too hot, but I don't think it was that hot on the boat. Then when I got up this morning I nearly keeled over from dizziness. And I never felt much better than that all day, yet I still didn't believe I was sick until I got home and had chills and fever and an achiness that wouldn't quit. I hope I don't have anything I might have passed on to someone else, since the only people I've spent time with for four days are those closest to me.

Anyway, I helped with the packing up as much as I could (which means I did a lot of sitting in out-of-the-way corners), and we were on our way through the snow-speckled, muddy road leading from the marina to I-5 and on south toward Redding. Again I rode with Eric until our lunch stop in Orland, and then I switched cars as Eric went his own way. So it was just the four of us the rest of the way — John, Suzanne, Mom and me. John and Suzanne celebrated their anniversary today, and I hope I didn't give them the gift of whatever miserable disease I might have.

Shasta Marina

Saying goodbye to the marina.

We were home around three this afternoon, so I had all the rest of the afternoon and evening to rest my aching body and try to start feeling better. I guess I'll know when I get up tomorrow morning just how bad this is going to be, or whether I'll make a quick recovery. I'm not especially hopeful right now.

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