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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Since my mood goes up and down with the weather and in and out with the seasons, you can imagine how disoriented I must feel after a day when we had a little blast of all four seasons. This being California, it wasnít as bad as it could have been. There was no snow, for example, or even much of a chill. So I guess we didnít have seasons in the accepted senses. It was more like both California weather patterns, a little rainy winter and a little almost-sunny non-winter.

The one good thing about the showers that pummeled us off and on today was that the birds loved it. Every time there was a break, I had sparrows by the dozens all over my garden, and splashing one by one in and out of the birdbath. It almost made up for the fact that it was so dreary and drizzly in the first place.

Late this afternoon a few shafts of sunlight tried to poke through the clouds, and by the time it started to get dark it seemed they were having some success. Thatís insult added to injury, in a way, when the sun doesnít come out until itís time for it to go down. But it lifted my spirits enough to make me almost forget what a schizophrenic day it had been, with intermittent moodiness.

11 November 2004

Cloudy sky.

When I left for Tammy and Davidís house at 6:00 pm, it wasnít raining at my house. And it wasnít raining at their house, but it was pouring all the way in between. When I left at 9:00 pm, it was starting to clear off, but the streets were still wet and shiny. Do you know how much traffic there is at 9:00 pm on a Thursday nights? And thatís just exactly the time that some automatic timer somewhere turns off every other street light in town. It makes for a really interesting drive home.

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Thanks, veterans, for all the sacrifices youíve made for your country. I wish your country would treat you a little better. If I were in charge, you wouldnít have to come back to no jobs and no health insurance. Youíd be paid a little better, too, even if I had to take some money away from my rich friends (because obviously, to be in charge in this country, you have to have rich friends). Anyway, thanks. Sincerely.

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