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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Sometimes the last thing you think you need is the one thing that will help you get over that hurdle.

I was hatiní life today, for sure. Hatiní this dismal time of year, hatiní the looming holidays, and hatiní the whole world. I was so tired I couldnít focus on anything. All I wanted was to bundle up and stay home and wallow.

Tammy didnít exactly drag me out of the house tonight. She offered to help me with something thatís been weighing on my mind. Itís not a big thing in the big scene, but itís an important detail (holiday-related, so I canít spill, sorry). It was an offer I couldnít afford to refuse.

I met her at her house, so I got to see David and the boys, including a megadose of Aidenís high wattage smile. Bingo! Thatís what I needed, even more than the help. But the help was what got me moving, and itís whatís going to make me sleep a little easier. So for that, as well as the rest, Iím grateful.

16 November 2004

Sunset on a cloudy day.

All my problems arenít over, but I feel about a thousand percent better tonight than I did this afternoon, when it seemed that everything was going wrong and I was looking around, waiting for the other safe to drop.

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With teams driving in the wrong direction and using the wrong kind of gas and following other teams who didnít know who they were going either, itís kind of funny that the team that got eliminated in the first leg of The Amazing Race 6 was the one that got lost after they got to the Pit Stop. Also: Someone who has actually watched the show before should have told them that taking the ďeasyĒ Detour is the key to an early exit.

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