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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Well, you know how Iíve been feeling lately. Iím not sure Iím fit to be around anybody. Iíd hate to infect people with my grumpy mood and my sour attitude. But I actually thought a close encounter with the munchkins might be of some benefit to me (if not to them). Tammy apparently thought so, too. Either thatís why she invited me, or thatís why she insisted that I go.

To be honest, Aiden wasnít in a much better frame of mind than I was tonight. He was tired and grouchy from the cold heís been fighting. Heís actually getting better, but he wasnít his usual sparkly, happy self tonight. I got to spend a little time with him, and with D.J. and Dakota, and I think that helped lift my spirits.

But I have to tell you, it was Kylie who made my night. She let me talk to her for a half hour or so, and she just glowed with the kind of inner light that itís hard to see unless youíre looking into her eyes.

After all, sheís only two months and four days old. Thatís not a lot of time to learn how to interact with other people, especially someone whoís pretty much a stranger. She sees her parents and her brothers and her grandma every day, but I only get to see her once a week. She was talking to me and trying very hard to make herself understood. I canít say I know exactly what she was saying, but I could tell without a doubt that she knew.

10 November 2005

Kylie today.

Whatever happens to me during the current crisis, I want to be around for a long time to watch these children grow up. I caught a fleeting glimpse of Kylie in a few years, with a sly smile and a cocked eyebrow, wrapping adults like me around her delicate little finger. And when the words come, I want to know what she has to say.

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Iím not sure what NASCAR accomplished today with its announcement of a four-team limit on individual car owners, starting next year. First of all, thereís only one organization, Roush Racing, with more than four teams already, and Roush has been given until at least 2009 to pare down to the limit. Itís hard not to see this as a slam aimed directly at NASCARís most successful ownership group. Iím not sure cutting one team out of one organization is going to bring the sport the diversity itís apparently looking for. They have a long way to go before that goal can be achieved.

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