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Monday, November 28, 2005

Todayís last-minute change in plans led me to do what Iíd intended to do all along, right up until the time it was time to do it. Then I decided not to, until at the raindrops on my paving stones shifted me back in the other direction. At the last minute.

The point is, I should never plan to do anything on a Monday, because Mondays never turn out the way I think they will (except when I think theyíll turn out to be stressful and chaotic). One of the reasons I worked all afternoon yesterday was so I could write my own paycheck, so I take it to the bank this morning, so I could get my rent check in the mail and pick up a few groceries, so I wouldnít have to eat the same thing as last night for another two or three nights.

Then came the revisionism. So what if I eat the same thing? Itís going to kill me? And why should I worry about getting the rent check in the mail today, three days before itís even due? MaŮana, baby. So I didnít really need to go to the bank at all. The one thing I needed to do was gas up my car, because that was my main reason for staying home all weekend. (Okay, my main excuse. My reason was that I wanted to.)

So when I left for my morning errands, it was with the intention of going to the post office and back on the few liters of fuel I had left. And then I walked out the door. And then I saw the raindrops hitting the paving stones. And then I turned around, went back in the house, put on a jacket and picked up my paycheck and my grocery list. I thought, what if itís really raining by this time tomorrow? Wouldnít I be sorry I didnít take care of all these things today?

I got it all done, and I have to admit I feel a lot better about the world in general with a full tank of gas. And a refrigerator full of groceries. As for the rent, well, that could have waited. But itís done.

22 November 2005

Scattered clouds (pre-storm).

It turned out that I was right to factor in tomorrowís weather, because by the time I walked out to the road to pick up my mail this afternoon, a cold, fine mist was spraying directly into my face. And at 6:00 tonight the flash of lightning lit up the sky, followed by a rumble of thunder. Itís awfully chilly for this kind of a storm, and Iím really thankful that I donít have to go out tomorrow and pump gas in the rain. Or go to the bank, or unload groceries. I still have to go to the post office, though.

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Those of us who voted in favor of Sonoma County Measure M in the recent election feel just the slightest bit vindicated by the news out of Australia that genetically engineered peas were found to cause allergic reactions in laboratory mice, resulting in lung infection. The pea experiment was abandoned because of the findings. Because Measure M (which would have placed a ten-year moratorium on genetically engineered plants) was defeated, we are the mice here.

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