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Sunday, October 8, 2000

I had company today, so I didn't have to watch the Giants' last game alone. It would have been nice to celebrate a win with my nephews here, but at least their presence of made bitter defeat a little easier to accept.

Eric was in town for the weekend and hadn't made a pilgrimage out here to the Fortress yet. Suzanne called to warn me that he was headed my way, not because I needed to do anything special to prepare, but because she knew I was probably doing what I was indeed doing: sitting around in my sweats clicking between the seven morning football games.

I decided to get showered now, instead of putting it off, so that I would at least be dressed when he drove up. I proudly showed him around the house, even though I didn't have anything to do with it except being in the right place and time when it became available. And of course he was impressed. Everyone is. I am, too.

David showed up a while later and the three of us switched between baseball and football (but only between innings, of course) until David had to leave. There was a function at Suzanne's school this afternoon, and he was supposed to be there in charge of the barbecue. Eric had no such responsibilities, and he stayed until the ballgame ended before heading to the school.

I've moved twice this year, each time further away from the rest of the population. It seems the farther I get from civilization, the more I treasure the occasional visit. I'm not quite ready to entertain formally yet, but certain people can stop by any time and I'm comfortable, no matter what shape the house is in (or what I might have in the refrigerator to offer them).

There could come a time when I feel up to having a full-blown family affair here. I'd need help, but I can't deny that I now have the room. The holidays have been a burden, at various times over the years, on anyone but me, but especially Mom and Suzanne. Just because we still feel compelled to get together a few times a year doesn't mean all the work should be done by the same people who've always done it.

One thing I don't have against me is a reputation as a meticulous housekeeper or an accomplished gardener. While others may care deeply and passionately about the condition of their house and yard, I have no reason to believe anyone will think less of me if there is a little dust around inside, or a few weeds outside.

I was grotesquely unprepared for company today, but I improvised. I couldn't offer my nephews four-bean salad, French vanilla yogurt, or pitted prunes, with which my refrigerator was well stocked. But I found a frozen pizza that made a nice snack. Since they were headed to a barbecue anyway, it turned out to be enough.

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