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Sunday, October 19, 2003

The best intentions, and all that rot. Everything I planned to do today, I didn't. All that work that I could have got a head start on is still there waiting for me to take an interest. It's going to have to wait until Monday, at least. Knowing what I know about Mondays, Tuesday is more realistic.

Well, it wasn't all that important anyway. If there's anything that absolutely can't be put off a day or two, I get it done. That's why I'm so productive at deadline time. The last minute is my best friend. There are few deadlines that require working on a Sunday. I was just trying to do myself a favor by promising to work today.

Something slowed me down today, and good intentions got lost. It probably started when I forgot to go to bed last night. When that happens, the surest relief is not to get up the next morning. I wish I'd gone down that road, because then I wouldn't have been fighting to keep my eyes open all day long. I might still not have got any work done, but at least I would have been somewhat mobile, some time during the day.

17 October 2003

Cloudy sky.

So I got a lot of football watching done, which doesn't really move civilization forward in any significant way, but at least I could see how hopelessly awful my picks were in this week's pool. Maybe that'll pay dividends when I make next week's picks. I think the lesson is to go with my first instinct and think about it less. I would have done much better if I'd gone with that this week.

In fact, I'd probably do better in life generally if I'd do things that way. Thinking too much can be a paralyzing way to live.

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Hey, I never said the Marlins were going to beat the Yankees in four straight games. You can look it up. Anyway, the next three games will be in South Florida, thank goodness. I got cold just watching those frozen New Yorkers tonight.

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