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Sunday, October 26, 2003

You know, I think being more or less immobilized all day was the best thing that could have happened to me. Instead of having to adjust to the time change, with its earlier sunrise and sunset and all the disjointed responses my mind and body generally have to that phenomenon, all I had to do was lie back and make it through the longest day of the year (by time, not innings).

Or maybe I should say all I could do was lie back and get through the day. It's usually the time change itself that does this to me, but this time around that was just a contributing factor. The big reason I was useless on this given Sunday was that I used up everything I had Saturday. As sore and tired as I was last night, I was sorer (though no more tired) today. All day.

So the time change probably didn't affect me as much as it usually does, and that's a good thing. I wouldn't have been doing anything but resting up, no matter how many hours there were in the day. The fact that there were twenty-five only helped, I think. It pushed Monday that much further off, which is never a bad idea. It's an even better idea when I'm recuperating.

There was nothing I could do about my to-do list today, so I'll just have to make sure I get a couple of items crossed off tomorrow. I'm in the middle of two novels — no, make that three — but I haven't felt I could take time out for pleasure reading for most of the last month. And TiVo keeps recording programs that I don't get around to watching. I've even fallen behind on emails, which I hate to do.

I wasn't up to sitting at the computer for any reason today, and by this evening, when I was starting to get some energy back, I'd lost my DSL connection. That's been happening more and more, and I'm getting increasingly less tolerant of it. If SBC can't keep me connected (for $49.95 a month), maybe somebody else can. And maybe they can do it for less money.

Anyway, I did get a lot of valuable football watching done. Maybe that'll help me pick next week's winners better. I didn't do as badly as last week, but I really didn't do well. But then, neither did the 49ers. Or the Vikings or the Steelers or the Seahawks (all of whom I picked to win today). Watch out Dolphin fans, because I picked them to win the Monday night game.

Every so often today I'd force myself out of my chair. This was to make sure my legs were still working, and to gauge how much better or worse they were feeling. Everything was okay as long as I didn't move, but the longer I didn't move at any one time, the sorer I felt when I did move. And everybody has to move sooner or later. Even me, on a Sunday.

13 October 2003

Morning shot of my house, seen through the garden.

I think tomorrow will be like today, both better and worse than the day before. I'm almost sure I'll feel better, having pretty much hit rock bottom already. On the other hand, it is a Monday. I'm working on getting mentally prepared for it. If my body will cooperate, I'll make it.

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I don't know if Down With Love is supposed to be a tribute to Doris Day movies or a parody of them. Either way, it exaggerates every cliché of those movies along its boring trip to failure. Somehow it also manages to dredge up every stale joke about the sixties, some of which I'd blessedly forgotten. (I was there, remember.) Renee Zellweger isn't Doris Day. Ewan McGregor isn't even Ewan McGregor in this picture. I really didn't think it was very good, but I'm glad I watched it because now I can send it back to Netflix and get something better.

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