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Friday, October 15, 2004

Itís a good thing Iím not trying to impress anybody. Lucky for me I donít care what anyone thinks, because if I did, Iíd have to stay indoors for the next three weeks or so. Or wear a hat.

This haircut I got yesterday? Worst ever. I could have done better myself, with or without a mirror. Itís so uneven it looks as if my ďstylistĒ must have dropped stone cold dead halfway through the job. For almost the first time ever, I knew as soon as I left the salon that Iíd been butchered. Usually it takes until the next morning before I get totally disillusioned.

Iím not ashamed to appear in public with this horror on my head. But I hate walking past the bathroom mirror looking like a failed science experiment. On the other hand, I can hardly take my eyes off it when I do see it in the mirror. It has all the fascination of the aftermath of a natural disaster. That woman with the scissors was a tornado, and I was her personal trailer park.

9 October 2004


Of course there will be no pictures. Iím not vain, but Iím not an exhibitionist, either. The only possible reason to show myself would be cautionary, and Iím not that public-spirited. Youíll have to use your imagination.

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Johnny Damon got a haircut today, too. It rained in Boston, so there was no playoff game. Damon, the Red Sox outfielder with the long, flowing locks, got shorn down to a crew cut. I donít know if he looks any better than he did before, but Iím sure he looks way better than I do right now.

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