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Friday, October 7, 2005

If you catch me when Iím grumpy and tired, as I was today, you get a whole different person. I might tell you what I really think of you. If youíre the Boss, that could get me in trouble. But youíre either so surprised that I insulted you that you donít know what to say, or youíre so oblivious that you donít realize what I said.

On the extremely other hand, if youíre the insurance agent and I usually donít give you the time of day (if I can help it), you might be surprised when you call and I start cracking jokes with you. You donít need to know that this is what I do when Iím punchy from lack of sleep (or drunk, which was definitely not the case today). All you need to know is that I have this charming side to my personality, and then you can maybe treat me a little better the next time I need something from you. Thanking you in advance, and all.

If youíre an inanimate object, I might have tripped over you today. If youíre something I tried to pick up, I probably dropped you. If you were my water glass, sitting next to me on my TV table, you already know that I knocked you over and spilled your contents all over four remotes. If youíre the wall, Iím sorry I punched you.

7 October 2005


Itís a good thing the weekend is here, so I can catch up on sleep. Tomorrow Iíll be around people I donít want to insult, even by accident. I donít want to drop anything, because it might be a baby. I wouldnít mind losing the inhibitions just enough to get a few laughs, but Iíd rather not be laughed at for walking through a screen door (although this has happened, more than once, at such gatherings). Iíll be hoping for the best, and more or less expecting it.

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So whatís this then, the curse of the Mientkiewicz? The curse of the Bellhorn? Is the ghost of Pokey Reese now haunting the Red Sox? Because they were never in the series that the White Sox just swept with a 5-3 win in Boston. The Red Sox fell behind today, 2-0, then tied it on back-to-back home runs by the best back-to-back sluggers in the majors, David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez. But the White Sox answered with a two-run homer by Paul Konerko, and three shutout innings by ex-Yankee Orlando Hernandez (hey, maybe thatís the curse). So there will be no repeat champion in baseball this season... The Angels did things the hard way tonight in the Bronx, taking a 5-0 lead and chasing Randy Johnson early, then having to come from behind in the late innings to beat the Yankees, 11-7, and take a 2-1 lead in the series. The Big Unit, brought in by the Yankees after last seasonís playoff loss to get them to the World Series, failed, while two players who have been with the Angels their whole careers, Garrett Anderson and Darin Erstad, had seven hits and six RBIs between them. I canít help feeling good about that.

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