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Sunday, October 9, 2005

The only way I can truthfully say that this weekend did its job was that I managed to find time this afternoon (between games) to write my own paycheck. Now I can go to the bank tomorrow, and then I can get more or less caught up on my bills. Oh, and I finally remembered to do the two loads of laundry Iíve been ďmeaningĒ to do since the middle of last week. The middle being Monday or Tuesday. It couldnít have waited much longer.

Other than that, today was a bust. I watched football, baseball and NASCAR. It was all good, food for the soul and all that, but it didnít help me get ready to face the week ahead. It didnít even help me rest up from the week behind, because I could have been sleeping. I really could have been sleeping, because my eyes were feeling ever so heavy, even during the most exciting parts of the most thrilling games.

I canít say that the whole weekend was a bust. I didnít lay eyes on another living soul today (except through the magic of television), but I did spend last evening with family and friends. A little of a day like that can help me through a lot of days like this.

8 October 2005

Here comes Aiden! (Speaking of food for the soul.)

I donít know. Maybe a day like this did help me get ready for the week ahead after all. With all the inactivity on Sunday, at least Iím not thinking about lying around doing nothing all day Monday. Itís a kind of motivation, I guess, knowing that since I wasted one day I have to make better use of the next.

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Itís not easy to distill a six-hour, 18-inning game, the longest in major league postseason history, into a few sentences. Whatís really hard is to look at a game that had two grand slams and call it a pitchersí duel, but thatís what it was for the last, oh, ten innings or so. Both the Astros and the Braves ran out of players and pitchers, so it was up to 43-year-old future Hall of Fame starter Roger Clemens to pitch the last three innings, and 22-year-old outfielder Chris Burke to hit the game-winning walkoff home run in the bottom of the eighteenth to give the Astros a 7-6 win and send them on to the next round, while the Braves go home (again). Itís this kind of game, one that will still be talked about a hundred years from now (guaranteed), that makes baseball transcend mere athletic accomplishment... Meanwhile, in New York, where runs were hard to come by, the Yankees battled from behind in the late innings to beat the Angels, 3-2, and set up a fifth and deciding game tomorrow night in the O.C. This was a good, tight ballgame, but it only lasted nine innings.

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