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Friday, October 28, 2005

Which of the many things I canít do anything about should I complain about first? Letís start with the weather, because not only was it bad today, but itís going to get worse. Itís never going to be as bad as the worst days anywhere but here, but that doesnít make a dark, drizzly day like this one any easier for me to take. I got a serious case of the blues. The gray sky blues. (I never get blue sky blues. Thereís no such thing.)

Iíd love to complain about government paperwork, but I wouldnít know where to start. This is the last day before the last day to file quarterly tax returns (not counting the weekend, which has days in it that shouldnít count even though Iím counting on them to get me caught up). Itís not that the forms are too complicated, but that they keep changing them. Every time I have Excel programmed to give me the right information, the government changes the definitions or redesigns the form, so that I have to figure it out from scratch all over again.

My biggest problem today, though, and the one that made the blues more intense, was the usual. I wasnít getting the kind of cooperation I needed from everyone else in the company. Iíve been asking for the kennelís sales tax figures since the first of the month. Now itís the end of the month, and I asked again today and got no response. Zero. Not a word, not a syllable.

So that means Iíll be stuck doing the sales tax return on Monday, which is not only Monday but also payroll day. Itís not as if I can never find enough to do on Monday. Now I get to squeeze one more task onto my crowded to-do list. And Iíll have to worry about it all weekend, not knowing if Iím going to get the figures I need, or if Iím going to have to ask again, and whether Iím going to get an answer when I do ask. Howís a guy who has sleep issues already supposed to relax and enjoy his days off when (a) nobody is cooperating, and (2) itís miserable and wet and dark?

27 October 2005

Tammy and Aiden.

However, there is good news. There had better be good news. First of all, the weather is expected to improve (and by ďimprove,Ē I mean get warmer and drier). Also, I got Tim to collect some money from a client today and to take it directly to the bank and deposit it. This means the checks I mailed this morning wonít bounce when they hit the bank Monday. Now if I could only find a few more thousand to make next weekís payroll, Iíll be knee-deep in sweet cream again.

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Now that the baseball season is over, the free agent season has begun. The Giants renewed the contracts of several key players this week, keeping them off the free agent market. These are mostly the older players the team brought in last year to play with Barry Bonds. Since Bonds didnít play until September, that plan didnít work out, but they seem to have the same plan for next year (when all of those players, including Bonds, will be a year older). Iím not complaining; I think the Giants would have won their division easily this year, if theyíd had these players plus a healthy Bonds. And I think the same thing for next year.

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