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Sunday, October 1, 2006

Now I know for sure that winter is on its way. The weather has been sort of wintry, a little chilly and a little breezy, for the last week or so. Even though daylight savings time lasts another month, it has seemed darker at all hours of the day. And this morning I woke up with a sore throat. Thatís as sure a sign of winter as there is.

In fact, I woke up with the sore throat in the middle of the night. I could feel the drainage down my throat, and I probably should have got up and taken something for it, but I didnít feel like it. I didnít feel like moving around much in the middle of the night, and I didnít feel like moving at all today.

Itís probably a good thing itís Sunday. Itís just a shame I had to change the batteries on my TV remote, but I guess that was inevitable. It gets a lot of use, even when Iím feeling chipper, and I was far from chipper today.

Itís likely that the work I did in the yard yesterday contributed to the condition. I knew I was damaging myself, not so much from inhaling seeds and stems and the like, which was bad enough, but more from all the stooping over. I was up and down for about half an hour. I could feel it working on my back, but obviously it was also doing bad things to my breathing as well.

15 September 2006

Ribbon of cloud.

So I spent the day dressed in sweats. I didnít shave or shower or venture out into the windy gray outdoors. I didnít eat much, either — not because I wasnít hungry, but because it was hard to come up with an idea of what I felt like eating. This morning I had lavishly buttered toast and cinnamony instant oatmeal. This afternoon I made pudding, also instant. Tonight I had tomato soup, the condensed kind that gives so much comfort despite coming from a can. Thatís how I took care of myself. Hopefully it will pay off with a better tomorrow (even though it will be a Monday).

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I give all credit to the Royals, who did what the Giants were trying to do. The Giants could have ensured that the Dodgers wouldnít win the division by beating them today in the last game of the season, but the Dodgers came from behind to win, 4-3. The Royals hung in there until the twelfth before beating the Tigers, 10-8, keeping the Tigers from winning that division. Thatís playing for pride, the way the game should be played. As it turned out, the Tigers are still in as the AL wild card, as are the Dodgers in the NL, who lost out on the division crown because the Padres were winners today. But itís the Dodgers who look like the most dangerous team going into postseason. They have the most momentum, while the Mets and Cardinals have been stumbling a bit. The Giants might not be there, but the NL West should be well represented in the playoffs.

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