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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Arenít you supposed to get a little better every day, when you have a cold? Thatís what I thought was happening, until today. The cough wonít go away, and my head wonít clear up no matter what I do. I had to cancel lunch with Suzanne, and I wouldnít have done any work at all except for one thing. The Boss picked up a big check, and he wanted me to pay a bunch of suppliers. So the only thing I did on this miserable day was write $83,000 in checks.

When I went out on my errands this morning, I had to use my windshield wipers. This was the first real rain weíve had this fall, and while it wasnít a hard rain, it was enough to get a person wet as they walk from their car into the post office. And it was enough to discourage a person from going anywhere else, no matter how much they need envelopes and ink cartridges (oh! and picture frames!). Maybe that person will feel more like it tomorrow. One can certainly hope so.

Itís a little discouraging to have the rainy season start this early, only because I have so much yard work I wanted to do before winter set in. Maybe this was just a one-off, and all it will do is soften the ground and make those big, ugly weeds easier to pull up. I just wonder when Iíll feel up to getting out there and pulling them, once the weather allows it.

30 September 2006

Cloud spatter.

The rain did bring out the wildlife, though, and thatís a bonus. As I was sitting around drinking tea and sucking on Hallís this afternoon, I watched a deer wander through my yard. It had small antlers, probably less than a foot long, so I assume it was a youngíun. It had good size, though, and would have made a beautiful photo if Iíd had the energy to get out of my chair. But then, it most likely would have bounded away before I could get a good shot off, so Iím glad I stayed put.

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I find it ironic, in an Alanis sort of way, that todayís only playoff game that was played in the daytime, as it was meant to be, was played indoors, in a stadium that plays like a pinball machine. That actually worked to the detriment of the home team, as a costly mistake in the outfield turned a single by Mark Kotsay into a two-run, inside-the-park homer that gave the Aís a 5-2 win over the Twins. And just because I said I thought the Dodgers should beat the Mets doesnít mean I wanted them to, so I was pleased to see the Mets hold them off in the best game of the postseason so far. In spite of having to go to their bullpen in the sixth inning, the Mets rode the hot bat of Carlos Delgado, playing in his first postseason game, to a 6-5 win over the Dodgers in the first game of that series. It was with special glee that I watched the Dodgers have two runners thrown out at the plate on the same play. You donít see base running that bad very often.

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