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Tuesday, September 12, 2000

As much as I love showing off my new house, sometimes I hear things I don't want to hear. Everyone loves the layout and the openness, but when we get outside the walls, I know I'm in trouble.

John and Suzanne dropped by tonight, because John hadn't seen the place yet. Descriptions don't do it justice, and I was eager for him to give me his thoughts. He was as impressed with the inside as everyone else has been, but he notices things no one else does, and he'll tell me bluntly what he thinks (which I appreciate).

So when we walked behind the garage and he pointed out how close the dry weeds are, I could almost see the whole place going up in flames because of a spark from the nearby road. I've been turning a blind eye to the vast expanses of combustible overgrowth. Now that I've been forced to recognize the danger, I'll be forced to deal with it.

Which is a good thing, don't get me wrong.

In John's opinion, I need a tractor to clear all the surrounding field. He might even have talked me into buying one, if I can find a way to come up with the money. It's something worth looking into, anyway. I definitely plan to be here for a long time, and it wouldn't do not to make it past my first fire season.

I'm no good at seeing these things, and I depend on the help and advice of family and friends to guide me when I stumble around sans clue. I lived most of my life without anyone to give me this kind of guidance, and until recently I never had much interest in learning. Now that I'm in a place that I want to make into my home, I'm depending on help from people who care enough to give it.

I've always been vaguely envious of anyone who could do small engine repair, or hammer a nail straight, or climb a six-foot ladder without getting lightheaded. For most of my life I was willing to be an appreciative spectator. Competence was a quality reserved for others, and I had no claim on it.

Yes, I'm still incompetent. But now I care. Now I'm willing to learn almost anything anyone might teach me. And I'm still in awe of those who can do what I'll never learn.

David was by this afternoon, earlier. He's going to mount my rear speakers for me, and he'll give me a hand in rearranging the furniture, now that I've finally decided how I want it. He didn't have his tools with him today, so he'll probably be back tomorrow to finish.

He's been invaluable to me during the moving process, because he has two important qualities. He's capable, and he's willing to help. I think he already knows how grateful I am.

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