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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

After a night of wonderful drug-induced, cough-free sleep, I felt ever so much better this morning. A little sluggish and lethargic, but better. That Nyquil stuff is natureís perfect remedy. Thereís nothing that can be wrong with you that it wonít cure. I even rub it on insect bites and wash out ear wax with it.

Itís possible I hallucinated this, but I think the Boss gave me a raise today. No, it really happened, because I already did the math to see how much of my augmented salary Iíd get to keep, and itís almost worth it. It wonít pay off all the credit card debt I had to incur just to keep from going under, but it might keep me from borrowing again. And thatís worth something.

When I was at the pharmacy buying cough syrup and a big bag of Hallís drops this morning, the clerk gave me a big, cheery ďHow are you?Ē I forced myself to lie to her. ďDoiní all right,Ē I said, when what I wanted to say was, ďI hope you never get what Iíve had for the last two days. And how are you?Ē Itís hard not to be a little snarky when youíre hacking through a jungle of snot.

The recovery isnít complete. The later it got, the easier it was to remember how far I have to go yet. Iím still not ready for company, and itís not time for me to hold the baby yet. If thereís a reason Iím taking better care of myself than usual this time, thatís it. When my turn comes, I donít want to be contagious. Infectious, maybe, but not transmittable. I am, after all, still coughing. Just not as frequently or frantically.

13 September 2005

Blue sky.

And I have to make sure my hallucinations are real and not chemical. I like my little delusions; sometimes theyíre all that keep me going. Iím pretty sure the one about the raise was real, though. Just not sure if it happened today, yesterday, or in the summer of í69.

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This could turn out to be the day that did the Giants in for this season. And it all came down to one pitch, a two-out, two-strike, ninth-inning pitch that if Armando Benitez had been able to get it by Jeff Burroughs, the Giants would have won the game, 4-2, and pulled to within four games of the first-place Padres with 17 to go. Instead, Burroughs hit a two-run double that tied the game, and in the tenth the Padres pushed another run across to beat the Giants, 5-4, and stretch their margin over them to six games. Thatís a lot to overcome with so few remaining. One pitch.

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