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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Except for the wind whipping the tree limbs around, this was an ideal early autumn day. It was warm and sunny and perfect. Except for the wind, which seems to have lodged in my throat again. I am a barometer. Or maybe Iím a werewolf, because changes in the weather turn me into a different person.

So I stayed in all day. Not that I wouldnít have done that anyway, probably, but with the wind gusting and carrying all manner of matter every which way, any thought I had of getting some yard work done was blown away. It wasnít much of a thought anyway, so itís no wonder it was so easily dispersed. But you never know; I might have done some mowing if not for the wind.

Probably not, though. I probably was going to stay in and get caught up on some of my TiVo recordings and do a little reading and maybe a tiny bit of spreadsheet work. Most likely thatís what I was going to do, wind or no wind. But itís good to have an excuse, in case anyone asks.

16 September 2005


It seems to be my destiny to get the worst possible haircut and have to live with it for a few weeks. Then it grows out and looks even worse, but thatís another story. Right now, less than a week after the last time I had it cut, it looks like it was done with a potato peeler. But the one good thing about having it this short is that it doesnít blow in my eyes on a blustery day. I think thatís why I wanted a close-cropped haircut in the first place.

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Last night the Giants got behind 6-0 early and came back. Today they were in a tight pitchersí duel until the Rockies scored four runs in the seventh to go up by that same score, but this time with only two innings left for the Giants to come back. Which they did didnít. They were on the wrong end of Sunny Kimís three-hitter (at Coors Field!) and lost, 6-0. The Padres were also defeated, so the only thing the Giants lost was one day. One precious day when they could have gained some ground going into a four-game series next week in San Diego. They will probably have to sweep to have a shot at the division.

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