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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kylie doesn’t turn three until Saturday, but she’s so popular that she’s having a two-part birthday party, part one of which I attended today. (Part two will be a girls-only tea party, which I will not be attending.) It was a brief but joyful celebration, with cake and presents and a handful of her tiny friends. She did not shrink from being the center of attention, in case you were wondering.

She’s also a lot of fun to be around. She’s highly verbal, which isn’t surprising, considering how many very talkative brothers she shares a house with. She won’t be left out of any conversation or any other social situation. If there’s a game going on, she’s in the middle of it, and if there isn’t, she’ll make one up.

Aiden started preschool yesterday, and the word is he had a really good day and is ready to go back tomorrow (he goes Monday, Wednesday and Friday). The evidence I have is the word on the street, plus this conversation I overheard at the party today:

  • Uncle Eric: “Aiden, how was school?”
  • Aiden: “Good.”
  • Uncle Eric: “What did you do at school?”
  • Aiden: “Lots of things.”
  • Uncle Eric: “What was your favorite thing?”
  • Aiden: “Playing.”
  • Uncle Eric: “What did you play?”
  • Aiden: “Lots of things.”

And it actually went on like that, without any more specific information coming forth from the little monkey. Does he already sound like a twelve-year-old when you ask him how school was today? And yet, he’s only four.

4 September 2008

Kylie tearing paper.

The party was a huge success, if you count making a little girl laugh and smile as success. I don’t think she even knows yet that she’s having a tea party Saturday, but it doesn’t really matter. She creates a little party wherever she goes anyway.

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