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Saturday, April 24, 2004

Let's say your boss leaves you a message that ends, "If you don't feel like calling me back today, we can talk about this on Monday." What do you do?

Yeah, well, I'm not as smart as you are.

That's how I spent half an hour on the phone in the middle of my precious Saturday afternoon, discussing with the Boss in excruciating detail how I want the members of the work crew to fill out their time cards. Here's the short answer: legibly.

Here's another short answer: I don't care.

But he'll worry a question like that to death, going over all the possibilities. What should go in the first column? What should go in the second column? Which column should they leave blank, the first or the second? Where should they sign the cards? How close to the margins should they write?

If it makes you want to scream, imagine how I was feeling about twenty minutes into this conversation. But at least we don't have to talk about it Monday.

(That's kind of a joke. Of course we'll talk about it again Monday. That's what we do.)

21 April 2004

Upper branches.

The Boss is having a "meeting" with Tim tomorrow to thrash out all the ramifications of the great time card crisis of aught four. You wouldn't want to be a fly on that wall. You'd be begging for somebody to swat you.

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Well, this is more like it, and not just because the Giants won. They played good defense, pitched well and got timely hitting. That's a winning combination, and it can make for a good game even if you lose. This time, though, they beat the Dodgers, 5-3. It's a start. They play them again tomorrow, and we'll start to see how far the momentum of this one win will take them.

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