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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Iím doing better tonight, but I woke up with a serious sore throat this morning, and serious sinus drainage to boot. At first I thought allergies were the cause of both, but later on I wasnít so sure. I remembered that last night I got something caught in my throat and couldnít stop coughing and hacking for nearly half an hour. I think I might have bruised or scratched something in there, and thatís where the irritation came from.

It was Yogurt Burst Cheerios, by the way. I know I shouldnít have been eating such a thing late at night, but I had a craving. Donít tell me youíve never had a craving for Yogurt Burst Cheerios! (Possibly not, since I donít think they even existed until a few months ago.) Anyway, if youíre at all judgmental, you probably think I deserved to choke on them, glutton that I am. But I was all out of celery sticks.

So this morning I took a decongestant and a pain reliever and then tried to do payroll and kennel billings and all the other things that came up. It was no picnic, but I got through it (ants and all). Near the end of the day, when I thought I might be able to sit back and put my feet up, Julie phoned with a request for me to go on line and print a copy of the Bossís credit report, because theyíre trying to work out a loan to expand the kennel.

So with great consternation I gave up on my afternoon and did that. I had to have his credit card number, because I donít have a company credit card, and his social security number, which I knew because I write his paychecks, and a secret question that only he would know. That I made up, but I didnít have to make up his motherís maiden name, because I knew that, too.

It turns out he doesnít have a very good credit rating, but it appears thatís mostly because he has so much of it that nobody wants to give him more. There was one negative factor, which he could probably blame me for. It seems we missed a payment earlier this year on one of the company trucks that happens to be in his name.

I know I mailed the payment, so I had written a letter to the bank and told them to look around for it, because either the post office lost it or they did. I guess they didnít care for my attitude, because they flagged the Bossís credit, and itís too soon to get it wiped off. I did end up stopping payment and sending them a replacement check, but apparently that wasnít good enough.

But I ought to know by now that banks will screw you every chance they get, so I shouldnít be surprised if a long history of on-time payments gets washed away by one mistake. Thatís the way the world works. I donít know if itíll keep him from getting the financing heís after, but it kept me from getting the nap I needed.

13 April 2006

Clouds, just visiting.

The sore throat kind of lingered all day, but it gradually got better. Iíve been having these sneezing fits lately that have made my head feel as if it were exploding, and part of the consequence of that is that I get so mad I yell until Iím hoarse. That probably isnít very good for my throat, either.

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One lousy inning cost the Giants a shot at winning tonight in Phoenix. The Diamondbacks scored five runs in the bottom of the sixth, just after the Giants had come from behind to take the lead in the top half of the inning. Itís more demoralizing to come back and then lose than to trail all the way and never have a chance. The Giants did get home runs from Steve Finley and Mike Matheny tonight, to give them eight for the season (which is still way fewer than any other team). Despite the 7-4 loss, they are still in first place in their division.

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