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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The best thing that happened to me today was the chicken noodle soup I had tonight. Never did soup feel so good going down. I spent most of the day without an appetite, for two reasons: my own health, and Momís. She is better tonight, and that helps me feel better, but I still feel as if Iím drowning from the inside out. Why did someone stuff my head full of glue?

Suzanne took Mom on an unexpected trip to the emergency room today, but all they did was give her some pills and send her home. Her blood pressure was up, but now itís down. It didnít go down until she got out of that hospital, though. If high blood pressure is stress-related, an emergency room apparently isnít the place to be.

The Boss was particularly demanding today. Thatís my excuse for not rushing off to the hospital, but to be honest, Iím pretty sure I wasnít wanted there. The Boss asked me this morning if I thought I could find time to do some cost reports he needs to help him get the refinancing deal to go forward.

To me that meant ďmake time,Ē so I did. I worked on it all day, and a couple of hours after I proudly faxed the reports off to him, I got a message back that said heíd decided to hold off for a few weeks. (Probably the reports didnít look as favorable as heíd hoped they would.) So there was a day shot to bloody shards for no good reason.

17 April 2006

Clouds beyond the rooftop.

The soup was canned, but it was low-sodium and non-fat, so I donít feel too bad about eating it tonight. Itís definitely the only thing that went down my sore throat well at all today. Iím just glad I had it in the cupboard, because itís not something I always remember to stock up on. (That reminds me. Iíd better put it on the list, for the next time I go to the store. Which, the way Iím feeling, might not be for a while.)

At least Iím not the only one suffering. (And if you saw my suddenly overgrown yard, youíd understand even better.)

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After being so good against the Dodgers over the weekend, Giants pitchers are suddenly giving up big innings all over the place to the Diamondbacks. The latest result was a 10-3 loss tonight as the D-Backs put up crooked numbers in four of the eight innings in which they hit. Bright spots: Travis Ishikawa got his first major league hit, Mark Sweeney and Moises Alou homered, and the Giants are still in first place. Oh, and the Dodgers lost to the Cubs.

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