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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

There are two things I do like about the new satellite box and the new remote. One is that there is way more storage capacity than I had on my old TiVo box. I maxed out at about 35 hours on TiVo before it would start deleting unwatched programs willy-nilly. That might sound like a lot, but it doesnít sound like much compared to the 100 hours I now have. I can go crazy recording everything in sight, and then decide later which shows to watch.

The other thing I like is that I have a new toy to play with. The DVR remote has many, many buttons, and I like pushing buttons to see what they do. Some are not labeled; theyíre just different colors, and they do different things depending on whatís on the TV screen at the moment. This makes every click an adventure.

Seriously, though, I really do like learning how new systems work. Itís a little like learning new software. In fact, itís a lot like learning new software, but instead of elegant spreadsheets, Iím producing a vast array of television programming, right there at my fingertips. (And yes, I am a little obsessed.)

16 March 2007

Camellia in bloom.

Thereís actually a third thing I like: If I donít change the channel, the new DVR will keep recording and saving programming for up to four hours, and I can access it all on my To Do List. That means that if a show runs overtime, the end of it will still get recorded and saved, unless I have something else scheduled to record in that time period. Itís all about accessibility and flexibility, and Iím learning, however slowly, to deal with the changes.

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