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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Since I put it off yesterday (putting things off being one of my most enduring qualities), I felt I had no choice but to mow down the center strip of the driveway today. So, after the Giants game ended so unsatisfactorily, I put on my old jeans and old sneakers and lit up the mower. And did it. It wasnít much of an accomplishment, but at least there is evidence out there, in the form of a neatly shaven stretch of grass, that I got up out of my chair for at least a few minutes today.

Currently Iím wearing the wrist brace again. Not ďcurrentlyĒ as in right this minute, while Iím typing, but ďcurrentlyĒ as in off and on for the last few days. Iíve been at the keyboard so much, trying to get through the usual April reports and spreadsheets and tax returns, that Iíve aggravated whatever it is that makes the bones in my hand and arm, sometimes all the way to my elbow, feel as if theyíve been jolted by a hot current.

Oddly enough, the typing has proven much more painful than the mowing did today, even though I have to clutch the top of the mower tightly to keep the motor from automatically shutting itself off. I donít know if that means anything, medically or otherwise, but I know that it wonít apply to the weed trimmer. Holding that device has always hurt me up to the elbow, even when I wasnít having other problems.

30 March 2010

Although it probably doesnít sound like it, this was a pretty good day. I got some work done, I got some yard work done, and I got closer to the end of this beautiful but beautifully sad book that Iíve been reading. Iím even over the Giantsí loss. Thatís the great thing about baseball; thereís always another game tomorrow.

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