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Saturday, August 16, 2003

Dakota's third birthday party yesterday was many things. There were good people there, and good food. Dakota got more attention than he probably wanted but held up beautifully through it all. Mostly it was pure, blissful chaos. The dozen or so children who were there, none older than nine, had a great time. And so, despite being worn out from a hard day at work, did I.

It was kind of a coming-out party for David and Tammy as a couple. Although the party was held in Suzanne's house and yard, it was their party for their little boy. It was the first time so many friends and family members from both sides were brought together for such an occasion. Tammy has no family in the immediate area, except us. We're her family now, and I think we're as lucky as she is that this is so.

I hung out mostly with the kids, of course. I played pool with D.J., and Dakota and I invented a little game. It'll never be included as part of the X Games, but it is extreme in its own way. You see, Dakota loves to open and close doors. When I found him doing it with the refrigerator in the garage, I pretended to look inside whenever he opened the door. Then he would slam it shut and I'd jump back just in time to keep it from hitting my head.

Whatever you think about that game, it made Dakota giggle. And hey, that's all I was after in the first place. I would have done whatever it took, so I got lucky to find something I was good at.

Dakota had a great time opening presents, mostly because there were so many new and interesting things for him to look at and touch and study, like an archeologist at a dig. The main value of all those treasures was their novelty, and there are a lot of things that can be called novelties when you're only three.

His great obsession is elephants. He loves them (although he thinks they go "ee ee"). He got a few, some stuffed and some in books. Last month I saw a plush, fuzzy elephant chair just about his size, and I knew he had to have it. That's what was in the big box that I showed you in yesterday's entry. He did seem to like it.

15 August 2003

All a little boy really needs is an elephant chair to sit in while his mom looks for more treasures to open.

In case you're interested, there are more pictures here and here, including one embarrassing photo of me. Or rather, it would be embarrassing if I were inclined to be embarrassed about such things. The fact that I let someone take my picture proves how little I care about my dignity or my public image.

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All that was yesterday. You don't want to know about today. In brief: I worked all day. And half the night. I worked steadily (and hard) from 9:30 am until 7:30 pm, and I'm still waiting for Tim to show up some time later, probably around midnight. I have something that he needs for the presentation he's making Monday, and I didn't feel like driving halfway across California to give it to him. I didn't even offer. So that's why I'm glad to write about yesterday.

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