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Sunday, August 17, 2003

With yesterday behind me (and behind all of us, but this is about me), my life is a little less chaotic today. How long that'll last, nobody knows. But I definitely took advantage, because tomorrow will be no less a Monday no matter how hard I worked Saturday.

For the last week I've been living in a different world. It's good to move on and return to something real. I got behind on important endeavors like journal reading and email answering, the things that keep me connected and remind me who I am. It's such an important part of my life that I've lost something of myself when I'm forced to step back. My job takes priority, but at a cost.

So I made a start on getting caught up online today, but I wasn't up for sitting at the computer all day. I got out in the yard briefly and I finally found time to sit and read the book that's been holding down my end table. I also did the one thing that any good day of rest requires. I took a nap.

Other tasks were on my mind, but mostly I didn't get to them. I didn't do that load of laundry, and I definitely didn't wash my car. I've been meaning to do that every day for about a month. I'm sure I'll find time to do it tomorrow.

14 August 2003

Wispy sky, seen from my garden.

These are days I cherish. I don't mind my job, and I like being out with people, but I need the quiet and solitude of a day at home alone every so often. The fact that it comes at the end of such a stressful, emotional week only makes it sweeter.

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Of all the great American movies, the grimmest has to be A Place in the Sun. Despite the seriously intense acting by Elizabeth Taylor, Montgomery Clift and Shelley Winters, there's an air of doom over the story almost from the beginning. With each scene things get more tragic, but it's never clear how bad things are going to get until the end. (After so long no time to watch movies, I'm finally diving into the pile of DVDs from Netflix that's been gathering dust for over a week.)

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"Finally I got to a non-recorded voice. I wasn't sure at first I was talking to a person until he told me his name was Jeff. Disembodied voices don't usually have names like Jeff."

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