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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Around the field where Ericís team played baseball today thereís a grassy slope that ends abruptly with a concrete sidewalk at the bottom. As soon as Aiden realized that the reason I was walking in front of him was to make sure he didnít tumble all the way down the hill and smack his head, he made a game out of it. I think heíll be a running back some day, because he has some moves.

The only time he fell was when he was running back up the hill. He and I agreed that it was better to fall up than to fall down, but that didnít stop him from trying to run all the way to the bottom. It was a challenge, but as you know Iíve been pretty sedentary lately, so a bit of a workout was a good thing. He never did fall on anything that could hurt him. And we had a lot of fun.

Even though he has a cold and sore throat, he was in a cheery mood and full of energy today at the game. When he arrived with his mom and grandma, he walked over to where I was sitting and gave me a hug. He gave Mom a hug. And he gave the Irish setter who was lying in the shade near us a hug, too. Heís a very friendly and loving child, and he was pretty much the life of the party, drawing attention from friends, family and strangers alike. As always.

I didnít actually see much of the game, at least during the time Aiden was there. I choose to remember the double Eric roped down the left field line as the highlight of the game. Lucky for me it happened before Aiden got there. I know that there were a lot of errors and miscues, but most of those happened while my back was turned. My position today was catcher. Catcher and scooper and redirector. Itís an important job and I was happy to do my part.

28 August 2005

Aiden gives doggy some love.

Yes, he gave me a workout, but no, Iím not complaining. Obviously. Aiden brings such joy to everyone in his life that I feel lucky to have a chance to spend time with him like this. Why, Iíd even get out of the house and into the world more. Iíd spend a Sunday afternoon not working. Iíd run around in the hot afternoon sun for an hour. Thatís saying a lot, you know.

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For most of six innings today, it looked as if the Giants were going to waste another stellar performance by a starting pitcher due to their run-scoring drought. Noah Lowry was sailing along but trailing, 1-0, when J.T. Snow tied it with a mammoth home run in the sixth. Pedro Feliz hit a two-run shot in the same inning, and the Giants went on to beat the Mets, 4-1. Lowry is 5-0 in August, and heís given up a total of three earned runs in his five starts this month. Thatís the kind of dominance a team expects out of its ace, much less its number two or three starter.

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