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Saturday, August 5, 2006

Finding myself with a little time on my hands on this Saturday afternoon, I sat down to do some reading. I picked up the book I started a couple of days ago, a literary novel almost 500 pages long, and I put it right down again. I just donít have the time to invest in something that takes so much effort to read. Iím sure itís a classic, because it says so all over the cover. But I needed something lighter.

In fact, at this point I was perfectly willing to reread something Iíve enjoyed before. I ransacked my bookshelves and pulled down one of my favorite novels, Winter Solstice by Rosamunde Pilcher, and read the first few pages. This would have been a good way to spend the few uncommitted hours I might have available. The second thoughts I had this time werenít about length, but weight.

Anything I start reading now is not likely to be finished by the time I leave for the lake next weekend. (Thatís right. Iím taking a few days off, for the first time in over two years.) A book Iím going to pack to read on the boat should probably be a paperback, or at least a thinner volume than anything Iíve picked up so far. So I started hunting around the house, and then out in the garage (where the spider webs kept me from doing a more vigorous search).

Then I remembered the Borders gift certificate Suzanne gave me for Christmas, and I started looking for that, everywhere I could think of. I must have spent half an hour looking for it before I remembered that I already used it. In January, I think that was.

I nearly gave up, but I spied a grocery bag in the corner of the living room where I never clean. (One of many corners I never clean, actually.) It was filled with books that had been dropped off (again, by Suzanne, I think). Most were hard covers, but amongst them was a novel by Joyce Carol Oates called We Were the Mulvaneys. Paperback, not lightweight, but whatíre you gonna do, right? So I started reading it. And Iím pretty sure itís going to the lake with me.

30 July 2006

Aiden at the ball field.

Iíll definitely reread the Pilcher book at a later date, and Iíll probably end up rereading all of Maeve Binchy and Mary Stewart, rather than venturing into literary fiction any time soon. If I had to do a book report, Iíd manage. But Iím a grown man and not taking a lit class and I donít have to read anything I donít want to. My time is valuable, and as Iíve mentioned a hundred times here, Iím a sloooow reader.

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The umpires have completely lost control of the series being played between the Giants and the Rockies at AT&T Park, and thatís dangerous, because thereís already longstanding bad blood between the two teams. Last night, after making a bad call, the umpire threw Barry Bonds out of the game in the ninth inning. Tonight, after another bad call, a different umpire threw Rockies manager Clint Hurdle out after an overly vigorous challenge. In this one, the anemic Giants offense wasted another masterful start by Noah Lowry, who gave up one run over nine innings while facing just three batters over the minimum. The Rockies won it, 2-1, in the eleventh.

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