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Monday, August 7, 2006

I was doing pretty well with my martyrdom plan, to work late into the night and whine about it all day tomorrow, but I kept hitting these snags. There was a form that I needed help filling out. There was a cost breakdown that either the Boss had forgotten to give me or Iíd lost (not sure which is more likely). Phone calls, faxes, interruptions galore, blah blah etc.

So at 9:00 pm, I quit for the day. Thatís probably long enough to get to the point of diminishing returns anyway. Those last few checks I wrote? Sure hope I got the right amount of zeroes, and decimals in their proper places. Iím not that good in the first place, so this is worse. Or better. Maybe double mathlexia makes you re-transpose numbers so they come out in the right order.

The real reason I quit (the other real reason) is that I couldnít see straight any more. Those invoices some companies send with green writing on yellow paper really drive me nuts. In fact, anything that isnít black on white seems like a waste of colored ink, in addition to making it harder to read. Iíve complained to some of these outfits, but mostly I just tell the Boss. Iím on record encouraging him to deal only with companies that use legible invoicing procedures. For all the good that does me.

6 August 2006


So this business of cramming seven daysí work into four days is coming along fine. I finished the day with a lot of work done and an aching back. I donít mind working until 9:00 pm, much. Less on days when I donít get jarred out of bed by the phone before 9:00 am. If only there were more hours in a day, I think Iíd be perfectly happy. Sincerely.

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Tonight in Phoenix, the Giants suddenly looked like a combination of the Bronx Bombers, Murderersí Row and the Lumber Company, as the offense came to life to the tune of six home runs, including two by Pedro Feliz and one by the pitcher, Jason Schmidt (DH, pfah!), on their way to an 8-4 win over the D-Backs that doesnít help much in the standings, since the Dodgers also won.

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