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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

The thought occurred to me in passing today (because ďin passingĒ is the only way anything happens when you donít make plans or at least donít stick to them) that I could do this every week. I could work this hard every Monday through Thursday, and then Iíd have the rest of the week to relax. Or whatever it is people do when theyíre not working.

Then I took stock of how down and drained Iíve been feeling the last couple of days, and how much of the usual joie de vivre has been sucked out of my heart by staying hunched over the keyboard until ten, rattling around the house until two, and then getting up at eight because someone decided that was a fine time for my phone to start jangling.

I donít know, maybe I need a vacation?

It got so bad that I bailed on a family function tonight. It wasnít because I couldnít spare the time (although itís a good thing I didnít, because the Boss was desperate for someone to type something for him at 6:00 pm, and since he couldnít find anyone else he called on me). It wasnít because I couldnít spare the time (did I say that already?), but because Iím totally out of gas, or whatever it is that makes me want to jump in the river life instead of letting it roll over me like oozing sludge.

So anyway, I guess thatís why I donít keep this kind of schedule during a normal week. I need to sleep a little later, and I need to take a break now and then during the day. Mostly, I need not to feel squeezed by time and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of paper I have to produce. Given that, though, I have to admit it feels gooooood to have the whole weekís work behind me on Wednesday night, so that all I have to do Thursday is pick up the loose ends and dodge any incoming missiles.

6 August 2006

D.J., Aiden and Dakota.

If youíve read this far, thanks, and in case you havenít picked up on it, Iím leaving for a few days. I will be back some time early next week. I mean, Iíll be back home Sunday, but who knows how long it will take me to get vacation entries posted. Hopefully Iíll get some lake photos that will turn out to be worth waiting for. (Not to mention baby pictures, as Aiden and Kylie will be there, too.)

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How do you get 15 hits in a game and score only three runs? Well, in the case of the Giants tonight, you can try hitting into five double plays. Yep, thatíll do it. They had at least two runners on base in seven of the nine innings, but it ended with the tying run at the plate in a 5-3 loss to the Diamondbacks.

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