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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Yesterday was nearly perfect. The weather was nearly perfect, hot but not unbearable, with the air cooled slightly by a breeze off the water, which was only a few degrees cooler. And it was so peaceful that I could feel the tension draining out of me as we went for a long ride in the ski boat.

Today was nearly perfect, but different. Tammy and David arrived with Aiden and Kylie a little after nine this morning. They have colds, which makes it harder for them to enjoy life, but they made a game effort of it. Kylie seemed perfectly happy crawling back and forth across the floor of the houseboat amidst a sea of toys. It didnít take her very long to figure out how to make her new fairy house sing its little song. But she was just as interested in Aidenís toy cars.

And to be perfectly honest, Aiden also liked the fairy house almost as much as his cars. He even made up a little story about the weebly fairy toys. He had them all stretched out in various rooms inside the house, explaining patiently that they needed to take a nap.

Both kids were both in good moods, until they werenít. Then they were ready for their own naps, although they both resisted. It took a little longer with Aiden, but we enjoyed a long period of peace and quiet this afternoon. Canít ask for much more out of a vacation day than that.

12 August 2006

David and Aiden on the ski boat.

We took another long boat ride later in the afternoon. Aiden really hates wearing his bulky safety vest, but David has a way of talking him into it. We stopped at a couple of marinas and ate ice cream and watched the idiots backing their trucks into the lake as they tried to launch their boats. Thatís always fun.

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Last night was amazing. As I lay in my sleeping bag staring up at the night sky, I saw meteor after meteor, each more brilliant than the last. One shooting star streaked so brightly overhead that it was like a rocket, with a double trail behind it. Then this afternoon a bald eagle flew between the houseboat and the top of the bank, at just above our eye level, with a fish in its talons. Iíve never been that close to one, and I would have missed this one if David hadnít spotted it and called our attention to it in time. This place is awe inspiring.

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