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Friday, August 31, 2007

It used to be that Iíd have downtime during the week. I know, I never mentioned it, but that was because I was afraid of the curse of making-something-good-go-away-by-naming-it. Alas, some other curse has befallen me, because the magical days of downtime have ended. Now one dayís work rolls over into the next, without a break, so that on Friday Iím still catching up with what I was supposed to do (or at least planned to do) Tuesday. Or Wednesday, anyway.

Itís not for lack of trying, or a failure of commitment. I worked until 10:00 pm twice this week, and I was still going at 8:00 last night, but only because the Boss phoned with a frantic question at 7:30. He gets frantic a lot these days, and now that heís back at the Kennel, and out from under the roof of his ex-wife, heís even needier. She was helpful, in that she diverted his attention and ran his errands. Now that happy interlude is over, and he has no one to whine to but me.

And as much as I donít like him interfering with my life, I canít seem to deflect it, especially when he thinks heís being helpful. All I did was complain about the heat this week, and he asked for permission to talk to my landlord about putting in air conditioning. I tried to remind him that we have only about five days a year that it gets so hot I canít function, but either thatís five days too many to suit him, or he just wants to make sure he maintains control over everything he can. Itís sort of an obsession with him, this control business.

Anyway, now Iím worried that my rent will go up again. The Boss isnít expecting my landlord to contribute financially to the A/C installation, but I think heís hoping that he will volunteer to do some of the work. Either way, the property will be worth more, and if the landlord thinks he can get more money by renting it to somebody else, wonít he want that higher amount from me? I kind of hope this whole thing falls through. I couldnít tell the Boss no, though.

31 August 2007

Fence post in the shadows.

I shouldnít have let him know that Iíd be home all weekend, I suppose. But the main reason Iím working this weekend is to get things done without the phone (him, specifically) interrupting me. His needs are what has kept me from doing these tasks during the regular work week. There are certain things that are most easily done at the end of the month. They can be done at other times, but they would require two or three times as much work that way, so I choose to sacrifice (awwww) for the good of the company. (Actually, itís for the good of my own peace of mind. I hate leaving things undone almost as much as I hate doing them when it takes two or three times as long.)

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