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Monday, August 20, 2007

Not only did today seem as if it were 48 hours long, it felt like two completely different days. I have to say, the second half was much better than the first, because I spent the whole morning getting no work done. I was stressing over my doctor appointment and couldnít get out of the bathroom. When the doctor told me Iíd lost five pounds, I didnít let him know that I thought Iíd lost it all this morning.

When I couldnít stand it any longer, I left for my appointment about half an hour earlier than I needed to. Luckily, I got there at a time when there was no line to check in, and I didnít have to wait as long as I did the last time (when I had been on time). Even better, for the first time my blood pressure was within normal range when the nurse took it. Itís always normal when I take it at home, but for once I didnít have to try to explain that to anyone.

So I thought I was in the clear. I was only there at the doctorís request so that he could make sure the blood pressure medication was working. Then he walked into the exam room and starting talking about lab work and prostate exams (which, as far as I know, require rubber gloves). He checked the labs I had done a year ago, and he wants to see some improvement in the cholesterol levels. He gave me some ideas, as far as diet and exercise.

He ordered the labs, but on my way out the door he gave me an out. ďAs soon as possible,Ē he said, ďunless youíd like to change your lifestyle and see if thereís some improvement in three or four months.Ē Well, you donít need to hit me over the head twice. Iíll happily go on the 60-minute-a-day exercise program and eat nothing but fish, if itíll keep me away from the needle (and the glove) for four months. Iím not sure how Iím going to do it, but Iím going to try.

12 July 2007

Red clouds.

The rest of the day was remarkably stress-free, even though I had to start working on the payroll when I got home at 3:00 pm. I whipped through the work and fixed myself a salad. Just knowing I donít have to get the lab work done for four months is a huge relief, even though at the start of the day I wasnít really thinking lab work at all. Now I have to figure out what Iím going to do to make it work, but itís good to have a goal, at least.

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