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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One of the most beloved members of the journaling community, and an online friend to an impressive number of people, has left us, but Denver Doug (or “Denver doug,” his preferred spelling) has left us with the legacy of both his writings and many warm memories.

Doug lived a long life, 87 years, and he lived several lifetimes during that span. His most memorable journal entries fall into two categories. He could evoke memories of childhood that no one else could have written, with vivid details that bring back an era long gone. He had a wry sense of humor about his own history and a warm fondness for those early years.

He was also passionate about causes he believed in, combing the news for stories that meant something to him, and making them mean something to us. He didn’t always have a predictable take on the news, either, always questioning conventional wisdom and accepted truth. It’s a voice that will be missing from the online world.

This was a man who was devoted to his family, and also to his friends, of whom I like to count myself one. His comments and emails always made me feel that he understood what I was trying to say in my own journal, and he was one of the first to encourage me when I was getting started writing publicly. He acted as a mentor to many of us journalers, and I’ll always appreciate him for that.

And when anyone was going through a rough patch, his compassion would shine through the tears.

31 December 2007

Doug loved this tree.

Doug was sustained by his deep faith, so it is left for us to grieve for his passing and the loss of a friend. Through his writings we’ve come to know his beloved wife as Heather, and to her I send love and sympathy, and all the strength she needs to carry on.

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